Master planning, OPEX / CAPEX optimization

Manage requirements and portfolio of projects
The portfolio of projects is based on a representation of the industrial system, business requirements, strategic guidance and available resources . It defines the scope of projects by their coverage of needs, budget and impact in terms of performance, investment and operating costs. The implementation must arbitrate sourcing and genericity / standardization of the functions by mitigating the conflicts between cost, quality, innovation and coverage of needs.
ROI takes into account the impact on value creation, investment and operating costs.
The transformational performance measures the ability to change the industrial system at the required speed and efficiently. Responsibility for the achieved performance is shared between projects realization, management of industrial IT and enterprise leadership.


  • Manage the business requirements for industrial system IT: valorisation, prioritization, link to implementation resources, lifecycle
  • Manage the technical and functional resources
  • Manage standardization and innovation
  • Control the portfolio of projects / business requirements loop
  • Arbitrate the programming between stepping (project mode) and continuous improvement (structure mode)
  • Adjust the collaboration framework with the actors of the transformation
  • Assess the return on investment
  • Manage the transformational performance


  • Audit of the management of industrial IT transformation
  • Transformation improvement
  • Calculation of return on investment
  • Evaluation of transformational performance
  • Training