Applications design and marketing

Contribute to guide the development of software for industrial systems
Software makes easier and faster the response to business needs by providing high-value knowledge readily usable by the manufacturer. The software vendor can leverage this focusing by a broader observation to reveal functional or marketing opportunities, align the internal language on a semantic framework to meet the market more easily, take advantage of standards to optimize the design and to meet industry expectations.
To adapt more quickly to market its products, the software vendor may consider partnership or acquisitions: it must then determine the integration process taking into account the nature of the respective organizations for a successful synergistic "transplant".


  • Mapping the functional domain and product markets
  • Identify functional and marketing opportunities
  • Appreciate the technology footprint of external products and the effort of integration or evolutionary / competitive migration in the customers ecosystem
  • Evaluate the compliance with standards (i.e. ISA-88, ISA-95, B2MML) and opportunities for conceptual improvement
  • Determine the life cycle of the product
  • Manage user feedback
  • Identify the market actors, their competitive positioning, functional scope, technological options
    • Clarify and valuate their functional and technological differences
  • Explore responsiveness and policy approach to these actors
  • Assess the systemic compatibility and integration model for successful merger or contractualization


  • Audit, expertise and support