Symbiotic automation

Define the physical and functional breakdown of control equipment and physical processes
The physical and functional breakdown of the industrial system is the first step of an automation project. It determines the flexibility, robustness and scalability of the system. The usual empirical and iterative approach or superficial application of the ISA-88 concepts increases the projects load and undermines the scalability of the application. The ISA-88 standard supplemented by flow consistency rules streamlines this critical step for the resulting quality and development time.


  • Define the best modeling options to facilitate the implementation of automation projects and support the further evolution of the industrial system
  • Enrol the operator as a responsible actor of automation
  • Reduce the duration and cost of projects


  • FastTrack Workshop: takes place on a day with the team in charge of the automation project including the customer (operator) of the future system. After a brief presentation of the method of work, useful concepts and modeling rules, the team practices modeling on project data. The whole modeling of an average project can be carried out at the end of the day.
  • Audit / review of modeling - as a follow up of the workshop, or independently
  • Development of modeling rules optimized contextualized applicable to project(s)
  • Training