Requirements, specifications and documentation management

Organize knowledge and developments of MES / MOM based on a coherent representation of the industrial system
A holistic and structured approach to the control chain allows to manage knowledge, requirements and resources to design informational support applications (IT, automation, MES ...) aligned with the industrial system. The ISA-88 and ISA-95 standards  can be framed in a coherent upper ontology to provide a practical and consensual basis customized and extended as required by the specific controlled system. All types of requirements and specifications are expressed in a common frame,  whatever they involve an automatism, a physico-chemical transformation, an operating procedure, a physical process, a business process.


  • Represent (model) the industrial system
  • Organize requirements
  • Organize the specification of functional objects
  • Manage technical resources
  • Manage the life cycle and generic functional objects
  • Ensure agility, flexibility, portability
  • Manage knowledge and documentation, develop and leverage the skills
  • Distribute control chain responsibilities between operations / engineering / methods / development


  • FastTrack workshop: takes place early in the project with a multidisciplinary team including the users of the future system. After a brief presentation of the method of work, useful and modeling framework concepts, the team works on the modeling of the industrial system, the requirements structuring, the identification of functions and technical resources for implementation. This action sets up a solid foundation for the project in agile or traditional mode.
  • Project review: requirements and specifications management
  • Audit: review of the design documentation, ISA-95 compliance
  • Studies: Development of modeling rules, requirements management, specification
  • Training