ISAF-JVI4 - B2MML, Practice of industrial IT interfaces

Learn and apply the B2MML specification for the design and implementation of ERP / MES interfaces
This course introduces a methodology for designing interfaces between industrial computer applications (ERP, MES, LIMS, CMMS ...) based on B2MML, an ISA-88 and ISA-95.standards-compliant XML schema set. It covers:
  • XML
  • B2MML / BatchML Implementation of ISA-95 and ISA-88 standards
  • A methodology for the functional specification of interfaces


  • Functional experts in the supply chain and production for ERP and MES applications
  • IT professionals responsible for the design of interfaces


  • Basic knowledge of ISA-88 and ISA-95 models and industrial management.
  • Students must have a laptop to perform the exercises


This course is supported by documentation consisting of many slides, articles and forms for the practical use of the acquired knowledge.
The documentation is delivered electronically to the participants.


Open courses


In-house traiining


A Certificate of Competence is issued by ISA France for participation in open or in-house courses.
Jean Vieille participates in the XML MESA working group since its inception in 2002 by the WBF. He is the designer of the extension mechanism that enables to complement data structures and add models to the standards' baseline, as well as an object oriented B2MML version that reduces the code size by an magnitude.



  • Origin of B2MML / BatchML
  • Interopérability

XML - Extensible Markup Language

  • Origin and general structure
  • Syntactic elements, XML documents, XSD schemas, namespaces, balises Include and Import directives

other references

  • UN/CEFACT Core Components, OAGIS

From data to service

  • ISA-95 part 5/6 : Transactions, Web services

B2MML + BatchML

  • Design options, structure and content of the B2MML specifications
  • Extension mechanisms, example of adding multi-enterprises data

Fonctional definition of interfaces

  • BPMN to describe business processes
  • Identification of transactions and messages, choice of models
  • Glossary of enterprise data and concepts
  • Data mapping using an Excel template, functional specification
  • Examples with SAP R/3

Implementation technologies

  • XML authoring: XMLSpy, 
  • Middlewares, ETL and EAI