ISA-95 - IEC62264

The international standard for interoperability and support for the operations of industrial facilities (MOM / MES)
ISA-95 is a standard for interoperability of industrial IT applications and a guide for structuring the functional requirements and specifications of industrial operations.
The standard shares with ISA-88 an implicit meta-model that facilitates its reading and implementation to model the industrial system and to support the design of interrfaces and "MES" projects.

Objectives of ISA-95 mastery

  • Leverage an extensive experience in industrial management, MES and interoperability
  • Specify the requirements for structuring specifications and interoperability based on ISA-95 (it is not enough to mention the standard!)
  • Design flexible and scalable applications to support industrial operations
  • Reduce the cost of integration projects
  • Reduce the maintenance cost of interfaces


  • knowledge and maturity assessment of teams  (basic concepts, applicability of the standard)
  • Compliance assessment of products
  • Identification of standard implementation opportunities
  • Training

Jean Vieille participates to the ISA95 committee since more than 15 years